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After School and Summer Care Ministry Leader

Clemmons United Methodist Church of Clemmons, NC is seeking an After School and Summer Care Ministry Leader (part time staff position, 20-25 hours per week) to begin service on August 1, 2017. The After School and Summer Care Ministry is a Christian outreach ministry for covenant partners of the church and the Clemmons community. We currently have 45-50 elementary aged children enrolled in this vital ministry.

The Ministry Leader:

  • Develops relationships with children, parents and staff members while providing a safe, encouraging Christian environment for K-5th grade students to receive academic support through tutoring and enrichment activities and to participate in both creative and recreational activities
  • Guides staff in leading activities that promote positive child development, leadership and an enjoyment of learning
  • Acts as a mentor and models leadership behaviors to both staff and students participating in the ministry
  • Must be willing to act as an effective member of a team on the After School Ministry Team, the Weekday Children’s Ministries Team and the Church Staff.

Our ideal candidate possesses:

  • Fluent in the English language
  • Demonstrate a strong faith in Jesus Christ in life and practice
  • Undergraduate degree in Child Development, Child Psychology, Early Childhood Education or a related field
  • Minimum of 5 years of progressive responsibilities in child care or early childhood education
  • Minimum of 2 years direct managerial responsibilities
  • Possess strong leadership, interpersonal, team-building and conflict resolution skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Word, Publisher and Excel and internet
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Valid North Carolina Driver’s license
  • Willingness to drive a 15 passenger bus
  • Pass mandatory background checks

All interested parties are asked to send resumes and inquiries to Kathy Giff, Coordinator of Children’s Ministries, at giffk@clemmonsumc.org


Director of Community Outreach and Student Ministries

Sunrise UMC, a contemporary congregation in Lewisville, North Carolina, seeking energetic person to lead children and youth programs and develop plans for spiritual growth, with willingness to be involved in community outreach and management of church facilities.  Must relate well with all ages, have organizational skills, computer competency (Word, Excel, other Internet-based programs).  Other Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, prefer previous work in a ministry setting, understanding of Wesleyan theology.

For questions or a copy of the Job Description, please email Karen at Sunriseumcoffice@gmail.com.  To apply, send cover letter and résumé to:  Sunrise UMC, Attn: Ron Fobes, 1111 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Lewisville, NC 27023, or email Sunriseumcoffice@gmail.com with the subject “Director of Community Outreach & Student Ministries” by April 30, 2017.  Salary negotiated upon experience and qualifications.


Director of Children’s Ministry

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (Hickory, NC) is seeking a full-time Director of Children’s Ministry who will provide leadership in the development, promotion, implementation, and oversight of all children’s programs, activities, and special events in ways that encourage inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and promote spiritual growth.  The Director will oversee all children’s educational, social and mission focused activities from birth through 5th grade and will serve as an advocate for children and children’s ministry in the larger church body.  This is a full-time position requiring a flexible work schedule including weekends and evenings.  This position reports to the Associate Pastor.

Previous experience in directing a children’s ministry and a degree in education or related field is preferred.  Ministerial candidates and/or ordained deacons are encouraged to apply.

A more detailed description of duties can be found at http://slumc.org/home/news.


Director of Children’s Ministries

Sparta United Methodist Church in Sparta, NC is seeking a full-time (40 hours per week) Christ-following individual with a heart to oversee an exciting ministry. SUMC is a leader in ministering to students throughout our community. We wish to see our students grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ while being challenged to live out their faith beyond the walls of the church building. The vision for student ministry is to build authentic relationships – relationships that go beyond our walls and into the community which we live and serve Christ.

The primary role of our Director of Children’s Ministries will be to create an energetic and missional children’s ministry within the church and beyond.  This person will be responsible for the development, implementation and overseeing of all aspects of Children’s Ministry, including Sunday morning worship services and special events.  We believe that children’s ministry is accomplished best with a great team. An important part of the job will be recruiting and developing volunteer leaders.  This person will also be responsible for creating/selecting excellent and relevant teaching curriculum for children’s related activities.

The right candidate will be energetic, exciting, and risk taking.  They will demonstrate leadership skills, be committed to serving our students from birth to 5th grade and work hand-in-hand with our teen ministry, be willing to serve a year-round ministry, and be willing to cast a vision that will grow the Kingdom of God through children and student ministries.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Has a personal, active and growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Energetic, warm and able to share the love of Jesus to children and their families.
  3. Is comfortable with developing relationships with families involved in the
    children’s ministry program whether or not they are part of the church.
  4. Able to balance work and family.
  5. Physically capable of sustained activity.

Professional Qualifications:

  1. Knowledge and experience in Biblical interpretation, child development (and faith development) and religious educational theory and practice.
  2. Maintains confidentiality as appropriate and accountable with church
  3. Seeks opportunities to grow professionally.
  4. Understands and agrees with Methodist theology, and polity, program and
    mission of Sparta United Methodist Church.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education or Children’s Ministry preferable but not mandatory. Will consider life experience.

Salary is commensurate with experience and education.

Resume and cover letters can be emailed to pastor@umcsparta.com or mailed to

Sparta United Methodist Church, 190 North Main Street, P.O. Box 697,

Sparta, NC  28675


Preschool Director

Central United Methodist Church in Mooresville, NC is seeking a Preschool Director


A.  Curriculum

  1. Work in a supervisory capacity to develop, maintain, and implement a high quality early childcare program that addresses the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of preschool children while upholding the guidelines of the preschool.
  2. Review monthly lesson plans (instructional activities, daily schedules, units of study, ) for each classroom.
  3. Work with teachers to establish material and equipment
  4. Make a daily presence in the classrooms and on the playground.
  5. Hold staff members responsible for their job responsibilities as outlined in the Personnel Policy Manual and job description.
  6. Supervise arrangements for special class field trips.
  7. Look for ways to improve upon our current curriculum and program.

B.    Director/Teacher Relations

  1. Assume overall management of staff and delegation of work. Including but not limited to, interviewing, hiring, evaluation, training, and dismissal of staff according to established guidelines outlined in preschool policy manual. Collect necessary information and forms needed for accountant/book
  2. Work cooperatively with all teachers. As well as other church staff, and Preschool committee members.
  3. Call and prepare for staff
  4. Maintain personnel records and keep them locked in the safe.
  5. Coordinate, and participate in, ongoing staff training. Document all training for all employees in personnel files upon completion.
  6. Conduct yearly formal, documented and signed, evaluations of staff to be placed in personnel files.
  1. Report any suspected child abuse or neglect to Social Services.
  2. Supervise that teachers are arranging for their own substitutes when necessary. Ensure all Lunch Bunch shifts are covered. Note for payroll purposes.
  3. Ensure and maintain appropriate teacher to student ratios while taking into consideration the Fire Marshall’s recommendations based on age and room

C.  Operational Expectations

  1. Maintain enrollment and coordinate registration for subsequent years.
  2. Arrange purchase of needed supplies within the management/financial guidelines from the Preschool Committee. Coordinate the distribution of supplies, curriculum, materials and equipment.
  3. If necessary, plan and coordinate provisions and supplies for children’s
  4. Supervise custodial needs, as well as, maintain and repair a

clean and safe environment. Report to Preschool Committee any facility needs or issues.

  1. Be proactive in securing the Preschool’s assets (including but not limited to, locking doors, securing valuables, etc.)
  2. Supervise the drop off line starting at 8:55 AM. Be present in the hallways during pickup times.
  3. There are 2 church wide annual events the Director is responsible to attend, as well as, ensuring staff attends as well. These events are included in the director and staff salaries.

D.  Director/Central Preschool Ministry Committee

  1. Uphold the objectives of Central United Methodist Church and the CUMC Preschool Committee.
  2. Establish and maintain a clear line of communication between all parties. (accountant or book keeper, Central Preschool Committee and Chairperson, Pastor…)
  3. Attend monthly, or as called, Preschool Committee meetings and report any pertinent information. (enrollment status, upcoming events, concerns that require committee assistance in resolution, etc…)
  4. Work cooperatively under the supervision of the Central Preschool Committee with the understanding that the Director and staff have the authority over day to day operations within the committee guidelines.
  5. Provide input on yearly budget. Will present needed funds for applicable line item amounts for upcoming school year budget. This will be discussed then approved, or denied, at June/July preschool meeting to be passed to accountant/book keeper to record.
  6. Report, in writing, any on the job accidents or injuries to the Preschool Committee Chairperson. Report, in writing, any Workers claims to the same Committee. File a completed report in personnel file.
  7. Make recommendations, for committee review and approval, on rate and pay scale changes to stay relative to other similar programs in the area.
  8. Make suggestions for overall/areas of improvement and possible solutions.

E.    Financial Management

  1. When necessary, purchase snack and snack related items, diaper changing supplies, kitchen and office supplies, cleaning supplies etc… (research best price beforehand.)
  2. Maintain up-to-date records in checking account and balance account Send accountant/book keeper income and expense sheets as well as payroll by deadline discussed and agreed upon. Keep all records and information with accountant/book keeper current.
  3. Collect annual registration, monthly tuition, any applicable late fees, charges for additional items (field trips, t-shirts, etc.) All transactions must be documented and receipt given.
  4. Report monthly hours worked by Lunch Bunch workers. As well as all employee absences and substitutions. Record all payroll information on spreadsheet monthly.
  5. Report any theft to Preschool Committee
  6. Organize and maintain fundraisers and
  7. All purchases that are not within the budget and/or listed above, must be approved by the preschool committee.

F. Director/Parent Relations

  1. Maintain open communication with parents at all times. (return phone calls promptly, communicate late fees and tuition privately, etc..) Meet at parent/guardians earliest connivence when a parent conference is requested. Be available to assist teachers with parent meetings if
  2. Maintain easy accessibility to parent community, be available at the beginning and end of each day when parents can see you.
  3. Call and prepare for parent meetings when necessary, as well as open house and special events.
  4. Distribute school information (program goals, policies…etc) from the committee.
  5. Prepare monthly newsletters for parents (and church if applicable) regarding school activities, programs, functions, fundraisers…etc.
  6. Keep communication with all parents/guardians professional at all times, keep a record of correspondence if necessary (meetings, conferences, etc…)
  7. All records and student information is to be kept correct and current in the appropriate files. This includes, but is not limited to contact phone numbers, addresses, medical records, waivers…etc) It is up to the Director to abide by and ensure that the staff also abides by information stated in records. (food allergies, authorized persons to pick up…etc)

G.      Summer camp

  1. Each year the Director should plan and implement a summer camp program. This is typically done 2 or 3 weeks in the months of June and According to when the first day of local Public school is set, Central UMC VBS, and teacher work week, the August dates are to be determined on a year to year basis.
  2. Current preschool teachers should get first priority at covering the summer camp hours. Secondly, current substitutes and former staff. If additional personnel is needed, it is to be brought to the attention of the preschool committee.
  3. Director needs to be and remain aware of Central VBS and other events that are scheduled during the summer months.
  4. To ensure planning time for teaching staff, summer camp plans should start by January/February. Information packets should be distributed in a timely manner to parents (typically in late February/early March).
  5. The summer camp program can be, depending on demand, open to those not currently enrolled in CUMC Preschool. Ages accepted, weeks/days offered, and time (not to exceed 4 hours) is at the discretion of the director and may vary from year to year as well.

H.      Social Media Policy

While employed at CUMC Preschool we expect you to make clean and safe media choices. In order to keep our standards- all media posts, preschool and private, should reflect our core Christian values.

*The director is responsible to be on site at 8:30 AM. You may not leave until ALL students have been accounted for and staff has left. When necessary, the director shall appoint another staff member as a key holder to act in their absence.

*The director is required to prepare for and attend Monthly preschool meetings and Central Church Staff meetings as called by minister.

*On or off campus, during or after school hours…When representing Central Preschool, the Director is expected in action and attitude to conduct themselves in the upmost Christian Manner.


Central UMC Preschool Job qualifications -2017

 -There must exist a trusting and faithful relationship with Jesus Christ, and a genuine liking for children.

-Education/professional experience

*Two years experience in Daycare or Early Childhood Education Experience or Child Development Associate Credentials

*Prefer Christian teaching experience

*Prefer management experience

 -Demonstrate organizational and management skills

-Exhibits strong communication skills

-Exhibits willingness to work with church

-Submit to all required and requested background and drug tests

-Must be CPR/First Aid Certified

Resumes may be sent to the church office either by physical mail or by e-mail.  central.mooresville@windstream.net

Central United Methodist Church
214 N Academy Street
Mooresville, NC  28115


Nursery Worker/Childcare Provider

Moriah United Methodist Church in Greensboro, NC is looking for a part-time Nursery Worker/Childcare Provider:

  •  Sunday Mornings from 10:00 am to 12:30pm and occasional evenings as    needed for special services/events for additional compensation.
  •  Safe Sanctuary Trained or willing to be trained – Church will pay for any necessary training.
  •  Experience working with babies and small children
  •  Salary:  $15.00 per hour

Send resume to moriahumcoffice@gmail.com

Moriah UMC is located at 3611 Liberty Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 272-7988