Systems and Communications Team

syscom-template-logoThe Systems & Communications Team exists to inform, inspire and engage individuals and local churches through the use of media and technology. The team has the responsibility of resourcing churches, districts and the conference staff with Web and Information Technology and support for its digital needs.

They are engaged in managing the overall image of the conference, and serving as a resource to districts and churches in the areas of communications, crisis management, public relations and interpretation. They provide support and resources to churches and conference ministries in the area of technology advancement and network security.  The team also administers access to the conference-wide Local Church Leader Contact List (LCLCL) database, as well as the clergy email system.

The team is in partnership with various ministries and organizations to provide support and visioning for new media initiatives, webinars, digital learning experiences and more.


Systems & Communications Pages

Clergy Email
Social Media How-To’s