Statistical Reporting Webinar

After the statistical reports were completed last year, several persons requested or shared that a set of videos on the statistical preparation, line definitions, etc. would be helpful for this year’s work.  We heard you and have produced a series of 6 videos.  Each of the 6 videos can be watched in succession, or at your pace and time, or by persons completing only one Table of the whole report.  I have also provided in the last video some review techniques and specific items which have been those most necessary to correct.  To go along with the videos, we have also attached a powerpoint slide show that you can use for notes or to follow while viewing the videos.  We hope this will aid in your preparation this year.

If you have any questions after viewing or while preparing your statistical reports for 2015, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Yvonne Gritt in Treasury Services of the Conference Office.

Jennifer Burton

PowerPoint presentation is below:


  • Question 13a (and its components related to age) have been deleted from this year’s reporting package.  In talking with many of our churches, the difficulty of determining an accurate number without some type of attendance tracking system at the local church has been noted.  Rather than having sophisticated estimates, we have determined to delete this question.
  • Technical support at the Conference Office will be accessed through a specific email address for statistical questions rather than going directly to Bryce Holden.  Bryce will be monitoring this inbox for any technical questions while Treasury Services, and potentially your District offices, will be monitoring for content related questions.