Social Media How To’s

We are finding in the WNCC that social media is key to spreading our message.  Thousands of persons use Facebook and Twitter to access information that is on our conference website, and they frequently use this media to pass it along to to their colleagues and local churches.  Below are some resources that explain how to use these resources more effectively:

How to Use Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media tool.  Recently over 20,000 people viewed one of our posts on Facebook.   Most days, 600-1000 people view, like, share and engage with posts on our Facebook page.

if you know nothing about Facebook and would like to learn more, here are a few resources:

How to Use Twitter

One of the ways we spread the news and engage persons in conversation in the WNCC is through Twitter.  It is not as popular as Facebook, but it is gaining interest.  We invite you to learn a little more about it and consider using it as a communications tool in your local church and community. @wnccumc is our username on Twitter.

A few selected resources: