Program Coordinator

Midway United Methodist Church, Kannapolis, NC is seeking a Program Coordinator

Church Staff Expectations:

The staff members of Midway United Methodist Church strive to be people of integrity in our faith and in our work.  To that end, we have specific Staff Expectations for each member of our staff to embrace in his/her daily professional life.  These staff expectations include such things as regular worship attendance, study of the Scriptures, growth in faith and the support of the overall church ministry.  Staff members should sincerely desire to grow in faith and expression of faith.

The appropriate person for the position of “Program Coordinator” shall work in “partnership” with the Senior Pastor and shall report directly to the Senior Pastor. The position is not a 9-5 type of position, but rather one that may require flexibility. This is considered an “exempt position.”

Two Areas of Responsibilities

Age-level Coordinator:

The Program Coordinator shall be able to create and implement activities and programs while working with teams of volunteers.  She/he shall be able to engage and involve church members and attenders in the leadership of the church ministry.

  • Direct and coordinate youth and children’s programming details within and outside worship services. This includes providing youth and children with opportunities for fellowship, evangelism, worship, and mission.
  • Recruit, manage, motivate, and equip staff, volunteers, and student leaders.
  • Regularly connect and converse with teenagers in the program setting.
  • Provide strategic planning and vision to children and youth (including a variety of drama, hands-on activities, and music).

Church Administrator:

The Program Coordinator is the first contact for many persons who visit or call Midway United Methodist Church.  As such, she/he is expected to greet persons with a smile. She/he shall have good communication skills with those whom she/he is in contact.  She/he must be able to keep confidences (i.e. visitor’s comments, pastor’s comments, visits for help).

  • Write letters on behalf of the church.
  • Work with the Trustees to make sure all repairs are made on church grounds.
  • Be the point-person for communication, including updating the webpage and working with the Pastor and Lay Leaders to keep the Facebook and Instagram accounts up-to-date; preparing the weekly bulletin; preparing the monthly newsletters; and working with volunteers in the DVD and YouTube ministries of the church.
  • Work with other staff and volunteers active in the church worship and education programs (i.e. 12 Gates’ band, Education Team).
  • Work with the Lead Pastor to maintain the up-to-date membership records (including birthdates, anniversaries) and records of persons who attend who are not members.  Once-a-year, update a PDF Church Directory of the church members/attenders.
  • Develop, maintain and use a list of volunteers to carry out responsibilities, as appropriate.
  • Work with the Lead Pastor and members of the Technology Team to prepare materials for our worship service overheads and work with volunteers to secure a team to run the over-heads.
  • She/he shall work in partnership with the Lead Pastor.
  • Other areas as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


  • Abilities in use of social media (i.e. Webpage, Facebook, & Instagram).
  • Experience with creating and/or modifying curriculum to be developmentally appropriate.
  • Abilities in Education and Technology leadership.
  • Demonstrates a passion for facilitating spiritual growth.
  • Experience in and knowledge of human development.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills, plus ability to coordinate events and projects.
  • Prior experience working with all ages, but especially Young Adults and younger.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, with a proven track record of developing quality relationships.
  • Ability to create and/or modify curriculum to be developmentally and theologically appropriate.