Lead Teachers

Abernethy Memorial United Methodist Church Child Development Center, Newton, NC has 2 full time positions available for Lead Teachers.

These individuals are responsible for the supervision and management of the classroom in accord with the goals and curriculum plan of Abernethy Memorial CDC. The principal duties of the teacher include but are not limited to: developing lesson plans, carrying out activities, ensure the physical and well being of the children, maintain regular communication with parents and contribute to the effective operations of the overall Child Development Center and it’s programs. These openings are for teachers in Toddler/1 year olds and 3 Year old children. Applicants must have their NCECC/EDU119 certification.  Associate Degree is preferred but not mandatory. Experience is preferred but not required. You must also pass a background check. Pay is commensurate upon experience.

Please send inquiries or interests to abernethychild@att.net.