Interim Director of Lake Junaluska Singers

The mission of Lake Junaluska is to be a place of Christian hospitality where lives are transformed through renewal of soul, mind and body. For over 60 years one of the most significant ways this mission has been fulfilled is through the ministry of the Lake Junaluska Singers.

Lake Junaluska is seeking a person to serve as the Interim Director for the Lake Junaluska Singers beginning in January 2017. This person will serve in this role for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years.

Lake Junaluska seeks an Interim Director for the Lake Junaluska Singers who:

  • Will fully embrace the mission of Lake Junaluska and help the Lake Junaluska Singers continue to be a significant medium for its fulfillment.
  • Is a person of the Christian faith, ideally within the Wesleyan tradition.
  • Is a highly trained professional musician with a master’s degree or doctorate in a music related field.
  • Has experience in guiding and directing young adult musicians.
  • Has a record of success in being able to identify persons of exceptional musical ability.
  • Has a record of success in creating an ensemble that that far exceeds the sum of its individual voices.
  • Has a record of success in selecting and directing music that connects with audiences of all ages, from youth to older adults.
  • Has a record of success in working as a member of a team in planning meaningful worship experiences.
  • Has a commitment to developing future leaders of music, worship arts, and education.
  • Has a commitment of helping young people live in community within established guidelines.
  • Is available for being in residence and fully engaged at Lake Junaluska from June 1 through the first weekend in August.
  • Has the availability of time to recruit and select Lake Junaluska Singers between February and May.
  • Has a record of managing finances and other resources within established guidelines.


Lake Junaluska seeks nominations of persons who should be considered for this position. Nominations will be accepted until the position is filled but for full consideration please have nominations in by December 15, 2016. Please send to Jack Ewing, Executive Director (