The Elephant in the Sanctuary: An Introduction to Missional Entrepreneurship

September 9, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
United Methodist Foundation
NC 28078
Caroline Wood

Please join us for The Elephant in the Sanctuary: An Introduction to Missional Entrepreneurship led by Kenda Creasy Dean and Mark DeVries at the United Methodist Foundation.  Saturday, September 9, 2018  from 9am -1pm.

Young adults bent on committing themselves to “something that matters” are more apt to turn to Tom’s Shoes than the church.  Millennials’’ entrepreneurial spirit is widely touted, but the world’s first missional entrepreneurs may have been the early Christians, whose innovations contributed to the common good.  As contemporary churches wrestle with rapid cultural changes that have influenced institutional giving patterns, we are radically re-imagining how ministry is to be funded.  Is it possible for next-generation leaders to follow in the footsteps of Issachar, who “knew the times and understood what should be done” (1 Chronicles 12:32)?  Can congregations learn to faithfully “hack the giant hairball,” borrowing business principles for mission, without losing our souls…or our shirts?

We think every church is a ministry incubator. It’s the church’s job to find every means possible to reflect Christ’s love in the world, and to turn hare-brained ideas into sustainable forms of mission and impact. But if churches are going to make a real difference instead of just a dent, we are going to have to think bigger–and there’s a good chance that “bigger” is going to cost more than we currently have. Come learn about how an idea for a business could just be God calling you to connect with your community.

That wild idea God has planted in you?  We’re here to help it grow. Please join us for a fun conversation.

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