Director of Youth, Children, and Young Adult Ministries  

Etowah United Methodist Church in Etowah, NC is seeking a Director of Youth, Children, and Young Adult Ministries

The Director of Youth, Children, and Young Adult Ministries sets the strategy for developing and leading a vibrant, comprehensive Children, Youth, and Young Adult ministries program.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Understand that as a member of the church staff you are often someone’s first impression of our church.
  2. A Christ-centered life is essential for all staff members in being Christ to others.

Primary Duties:

  1. The director demonstrates a Christ-centered approach to ministry and should have a clear sense of his/her Christian walk.
  2. The director cultivates relationships with adult laity in order to carry out the ministries of this role. The director will serve as an advocate for all those in his/her care.
  3. The director is familiar with Safe Sanctuaries and Cyber Safety policies and procedures.
  4. The director oversees and is responsible for the twice weekly youth programs. Equal attention also should be given to developing vital children and young adult programs.
  5. The director oversees and is responsible for all children’s programming, including Vacation Bible School (VBS), Kids’ Club, and all other events in which children are involved.
  6. The director will explore the possibilities of developing a structured young adult ministry program at Etowah UMC.
  7. The director will connect youth/children/young adult ministries to the church and the surrounding community.
  8. The director will use effective means of communication to promote the youth, children, and young adult programs to the church and community. These include but are not limited to: the church web site, church bulletins, roadside signage, bulletin boards, congregational presentations, Facebook, and any other appropriate means at his/her disposal.
  9. The director will guide and assist age level coordinators in securing appropriate curriculum materials and teacher recruitment for Sunday School.
  10. The director will participate in other activities as needed and directed by the Senior Pastor, the director’s immediate supervisor.


  1. Some college experience is preferred, especially in the area of Christian Education.
  2. Is a self-starter, who demonstrates high levels of initiative, motivation, and enthusiasm.
  3. Experience in the direction of youth and children’s ministries also preferred.
  4. Sees children and youth ministries as an integral part of the church.
  5. Shares an excitement and passion for making young Christian disciples.
  6. Demonstrates openness, flexibility, and approachability in leadership style.
  7. Exhibits a comfort level in pastoral/counseling roles; is adept in initiating and cultivating relationships with children, youth, staff, and volunteers.
  8. Possesses good organization, communication, and time management skills with attention to detail and timely completion of assigned tasks.
  9. Able to earn the trust and goodwill of others through word and action.

Personal/Professional Values:

  1. Conduct all business with integrity, confidentiality, and in a professional manner.
  2. Be supportive of our church’s goals, mission, and programs.
  3. Mesh well with church staff.
  4. Be sensitive to needs and requests from church members and have a willingness to overcome obstacles and interruptions to achieve desired results.
  5. Be flexible and gracious while pursuing excellence in a church environment.

The following skills are frequently utilized to great effect in the modern church.

Applicant’s proficiency in any or all of these areas will be taken into account as part of the hiring process.

Some of these attributes are:

  1. Ease in securing a substitute in one’s absence
  2. Familiarity with the audio/video technology often used in various aspects of modern church life.
  3. Play a musical instrument.
  4. Ability to help plan events around a common theme/metaphor.
  5. Ability to “coach” volunteers if needed.
  6. Knowledge of Contemporary Christian Music (i.e. what people are listening to; respond well to hearing/singing).
  7. Relate well with a multi-generational congregation.

Summary: A successful Director of Youth, Children, and Young Adult Ministries at Etowah United Methodist Church will be a well-rounded, Christ-centered, dynamic individual who is passionate about sharing Christ in creative, innovative ways with our children, youth, and young adults.