Director of Worship and the Arts

College Place United Methodist Church, Greensboro, NC, is developing a new part-time position for the strengthening of our worship life together.

We seek a qualified person who:

 will work with our Pastor and Director of Music to plan worship services to enable our congregation to worship God with fuller reflection of our congregation’s diversity and be meaningful to aid in deepening our collective and individual spiritual life.

 has a passion for music, prayers, visual arts, and worldwide contribution to worship.

 will challenge and grow our existing choir, work with our Director of Music as a team to grow the music ministry of CPUMC.

 should seek to grow our congregation’s presence in our community through the musical arts (e.g. concerts, programs, children events, etc.).

 will help us live out our Vision statement: CPUMC seeks to be a Christ centered, diverse community open to everyone as they are. We believe all people are worthy of being loved and worthy of loving others. We strive to show God’s grace, make disciples, and change the world with our hands, our hearts, our minds, and our words.

 will be in ministry in the spirit of our Welcome statement: CPUMC is a diverse community welcoming all persons and embracing differences of age, racial and ethnic background, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, socioeconomic status, and physical and mental ability. We invite all to join our journey of faith toward greater love, hope, and acceptance in every aspect of our Christian life together.

Candidate Qualifications:

 a person of Christian faith experienced in liturgical worship 

  a self-starter, with outgoing personality who will be a part of the ministry team

 ability to direct choral/instrumental ensembles, keyboard skill

 have experience leading/developing/growing a choir

 use of computer and basic technology for communication and publicity

 willingness for continuing education/professional organization (FUMMWA, etc.)

Schedule/Salary: 10-12 hours/week on average (more holidays, less summer); $500 con’t edu/year. $10,000-12,000 yearly salary

For Questions or Application: Please send cover letter and resume, include two references and contact information to  

Open until September 30, or until filled.