Director of Modern Worship

Assurance UMC in Huntersville, NC is seeking a Director of Modern Worship

  • 20-25 Hours a week
  • Salary Range: $25,000
  • Experience Preferred

Objective – To lead a modern worship ministry that “Grows Disciples of Jesus Christ that GO serve Christ in the world.”

Our ideal candidate would be able to lead worship from a microphone and/or a primary instrument, and would be personable, organized, good at communication and would be willing and able to develop servant leaders in a worship ministry.

Task and Qualities Associated with the Role:

  • Lead as a trustworthy and Christ centered figure in leading worship for a diverse group of people in a growing church and community.
  • Provide worship and musical leadership for our 8:15am and 9:30am worship services that fit the theme of our services and seasons.  8:15 is a more relaxed and intimate “coffee house” setting with just an instrument or two. 9:30 is modern worship with a full band.  These services need a nice balance of inspiring and upbeat worship music with reflective, softer moments.
  • Host a weekly rehearsal with the modern worship team that supports these services.
  • Work with the Sunday technical leader(s) to properly organize the song list for Sunday mornings (screens, etc.).
  • Organize the worship service and songs on Planning Center for the band and pastoral leaders.
  • Intentionality around developing and deploying existing and new singers and band members as servants in this ministry.
  • Lead in our seasonal/special services—such as, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.
  • Attend occasional meetings with the pastors to organize, reflect, and dream about the weekly worship experiences.
  • Work with Youth Ministry to continually develop and help teach/lead Youth Band that could share in worship leadership at least 4 times a year.

If you have any questions or needs for clarification, please contact Co-Lead Pastor Susannah Pittman at For more information about Assurance UMC, check out our website at