2015 Healthcare Information

Healthcare Information for 2015 (January 1 effective date for all provisions)
(portions also applicable to retirees)

First of all, I must say thank you to all the participants and church representatives who attended any of our 8 sessions. From comments received, they went well and a lot of information was shared with all.  For those who attended and for those that did not, our presentation slides and a video of our last session in the Uwharrie District.  These can be reviewed, watched, etc. at any time for your information during charge conferences and as we approach the end of the enrollment period.

As a note specific to retirees, open enrollment will be applicable to the active plan only.  If you are a retiree under the age of 65, this will also impact you.  If not, the retiree plan is not changing and no enrollment forms are necessary to be sent back to the Conference office.  Within this information, a wellness incentive program has been developed which will apply to you if you wish to participate.  For our retiree supplement plan, rates will remain the same in 2015 as they have been in 2014!!

For those active participants who did not attend one of the sessions, the slides and the video are key to your understanding of the choices in your healthplan, but also for new items that will be coming forth in 2015 for your benefit!  At each session, participants received their personalized enrollment forms.  For those not in attendance, these will be mailed to you, with the handout from the session and an instructional letter, at the address we have on file, with a mailing date anticipated the week of September 22.  If you have not received your enrollment form by October 1, please call Dale Bryant at the Conference office.  Enrollment forms for the active plan with original signatures MUST be returned to the Conference office by November 1 in order to provide new insurance cards to you prior to Christmas.

Movies have trailers to entice you to view.  While the video and the presentation slides don’t have a trailer, here’s a brief outline of what you can expect to hear.  There should be something for everyone!

  • Information about our new pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), PharmAvail, with our expected savings of $600,000 in our health plan
  • Discussion of the two options for healthcare (basic and  basic plus), with a simple example about how to view/determine your choice
  • Introduction of the new wellness program and the rewards/incentives available to you as participants (actives and retirees!)
  • Instruction for the completion of your enrollment form
  • Review of the church’s cost reductions in 2015 for benefit payments and possible uses for these funds (by benefit payment type)

Thank you for viewing!  If you have questions or requests after the viewing, please don’t hesitate to email or call Dale or myself at the Conference office!

A) Powerpoint Presentation


B) Video of Uwharrie District Meeting– September 15, 2014- held at Pfeiffer College
http://www.ustream.tv/search?q=chapel13 (skip to that day’s meeting)

C) HandoutPastor’s Contribution to Health Benefits 2015

D) HandoutCoPay Deductible OOP Summary Table