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  • WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of September 14, 2014

    Sep. 19, 2014 The Digest is an easy way to catch up on all of the stories that have been published in the last week. Each story is linked to the original, and there is a short excerpt. You may want to share this digest on your church's website so that they know what has been happening in our conference and beyond.

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  • Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster Receives 2014 Ray of Light Award

    Sep. 19, 2014 Boundless Impact, a North Carolina charitable organization formed in 2012 to foster global engagement in leadership, education and economic development, has selected Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church to receive the 2014 Ray of Light Award.

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  • "Killer in the Dark" Scheduled for October 7

    Sep. 19, 2014 Assurance United Methodist Women in conjunction with the Office of Discipleship Ministry of the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church is hosting an event to help raise money for our Conference to go to “Imagine No Malaria Campaign.”

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  • Central UMC, Concord Invites You to Connexion '14

    Sep. 18, 2014 Learn how United Methodist pastors, laity, and congregations both traditional and modern use new media to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Hear national leaders and specialists from throughout the Western North Carolina Annual Conference share how to live in our new media age!

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  • Listening Sessions on the Future

    Sep. 18, 2014 Bishop Goodpaster has announced further plans for the sessions he will facilitate over the coming months. A key component and intent of this series of listening sessions is to share ideas and hopes, to design and dream about the future, and to collaborate through conversations as we, together, chart a course for our common ministry as United Methodist Christians in North Carolina.

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  1. September 2014
    1. 09/20/2014, 9:00am to 5:00pm
      Manna and Mercy Course
    2. 09/23/2014, 10:00am to 09/25/2014, 10:00am
      Faith in Our Music
    3. 09/24/2014, 9:30am to 1:30pm
      Lunch and Learn- Chrysalis Counseling Center
    4. 09/27/2014, 9:30am to 3:00pm
      Inspire Living Worship
    5. 09/27/2014
      UMVIM/WNCC 2014 Reunion/Rally
    6. 09/28/2014, 2:00pm
      Conversation about the Future of The United Methodist Church
  1. October 2014
    1. 10/01/2014, 11:45am to 10/03/2014, 11:45am
      You've Launched- Now What?
    2. 10/02/2014, 9:30am to 3:30pm
      Connexion '14
    3. 10/03/2014, 3:00pm to 10/05/2014, 3:00pm
      Marriage Encounter
    4. 10/04/2014, 9:00am
      The Domino Effect: Launching a New Service to Create Momentum for Your Church


Conference Blog

Our Digital Life

By Michael Rich

My job title tells you that I spend a great deal of time on the internet (Web & Communications Manager). Most of my time at the office includes sitting in front of a computer with WiFi access, and all of the digital devices I own (computers, tablets and phone) keep me connected for as many hours of the day I choose to be.

I didn’t grow up with computers. I was in my last semesters of seminary before I ever wrote a paper on a word processor (that was 1986). It was a primitive system, but it got the job done. For the first time in my academic career I turned in papers without whiteout corrections and without the mistakes that I would leave in papers because I didn’t feel like re-typing whole pages.

I welcomed technology, because it was a tool to get a job done more efficiently and effectively.

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Chuck Knows...The Upper Room

The Upper Room. It's the place where Jesus had his last meal with his disciples, but it's also the world's most widely read daily devotional guide. Chuck explains the significance of this "little book" on this his EIGHTY-SEVENTH show!

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