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  • Order of Elder's Retreat Recap

    Nov. 24, 2014 On November 11, St. Luke's UMC in Hickory hosted the WNCC Order of Elders for a Day Apart featuring Rev. Dr. Warren Smith from Duke Divinity School. The day-long retreat featured times of worship, fellowship, lecture, and discussion based around Professor Smith's forthcoming book on the Lord's Prayer.

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  • Easy Ways to Share Gratitude This Thanksgiving

    Nov. 24, 2014 Thanksgiving Day elicits a bounty of wonderful memories for many people in the U.S. The crisp air. The smell of a turkey roasting and a pumpkin pie baking. The sound of a cheering crowd at a football game. All these can create warm feelings during this special time of year.

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  • WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of November 23, 2014

    Nov. 21, 2014 The Digest is an easy way to catch up on all of the stories that have been published in the last week. Each story is linked to the original, and there is a short excerpt. You may want to share this digest on your church's website so that they know what has been happening in our conference and beyond.

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  • Why Should I Be A Part (Maybe Even An ACTIVE Part) of PAUMCS?

    Nov. 21, 2014 Connie Moss from Forest Hill UMC in Concord writes about her experience with PAUMCS, and encourages other staff persons from across the WNCC to join her.

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  • Cokesbury Chooses Generosity Over Commercialism

    Nov. 21, 2014 The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s impossible to avoid the clamor of ads promoting Brown Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals. In a retail environment where time with family and friends is almost discouraged, online retailer is taking a stand to promote time with loved ones while offering an opportunity to help others at the same time.

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  1. November 2014
    1. 11/30/2014, 3:30pm
      United Methodist Student Day Sunday
  1. December 2014
    1. 12/06/2014, 7:00pm
      John Gorka in Concert at Providence UMC
    2. 12/07/2014, 2:00pm
      Conversation about the Future of The United Methodist Church
  1. January 2015
    1. 01/04/2015, 3:00pm
      Charlotte Youth Day
    2. 01/09/2015
      Multiply Your Impact: Readiness 360 Training Event
    3. 01/10/2015, 9:00am to 3:00pm
      Multiply Your Impact: Readiness 360 Training Eventa
    4. 01/17/2015, 10:00am to 1:30pm
      2015 Martin Luther King Jr, Celebration
    5. 01/24/2015, 11:30am
      IDK '15
    6. 01/25/2015, 9:30am to 01/28/2015, 9:30am
      The Big Silence
  1. February 2015
    1. 02/03/2015
      Mission to Ministers


Conference Blog

Vital Churches and Individual Behaviors are Linked!

By Kim Shockley

Several years ago, when my husband was appointed to the staff of a large congregation in another Conference, I had the opportunity of being present on Sunday mornings a few weeks before we were introduced to the congregation.

Since I am used to worshipping alone in new places, I found myself wandering around the campus on two separate Sunday mornings just to observe how this congregation functioned. I was amazed at how difficult it was to catch anyone’s eyes to exchange a friendly greeting and further amazed that I was the one who made myself available to help new people find the nursery and children’s classes – luckily I had a tour the previous week! Once we were introduced much of this behavior changed, but for me it was already too late – most of the “traditional, sanctuary people” had shown themselves to be inhospitable to new-comers, so I invested in the “contemporary, gym congregation”.

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UMTV: Youth Share Thanksgiving Meals

Each year on the day before Thanksgiving, Centenary UMC in Los Angeles has a Turkey Lock-In. Young people spend the evening cooking turkey dinners for shut-ins and low income families. On Thanksgiving, they deliver dishes with meat, vegetables and a side of caring to their neighbors. Jim Karita is one of the grateful recipients: "I wouldn't have any Thanksgiving if it weren't for these fellas with the church. We just appreciate what they're doing for us."

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